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For most marketers online and offline, the number one priority when they first look for home based business opportunities to participate in is the chance to make money quickly and easily without any prior experience or know-how. With The $100 Dollar Club if you can mail a postcard you can make money! Serious money too!

The $100 Dollar Club is your best opportunity to get into a program that will generate more money than you can imagine paid directly to your doorstep! Many of our members are already making $1000 ~ $2000 a month on a regular basis!

Here is some simple math to illustrate how much extra money you could make every month with The $100 Dollar Club program. Just five sales a month (easy) and you make $500! Ten sales and you just increased your income to $1000 a month! Twenty sales...$2000! And those figures did not even count the "Pass Up Sales" you'll receive from the people who join under you!

Are you starting to see the massive income potential of The $100 Dollar Club? And the best part, all you have to do is send traffic to your website! Getting traffic is easy because we have the highest converting postcards in the industry and a great mailing list! The only way you could fail is to do nothing!

Stop Imagining! Getting sales is easy because The $100 Dollar Club has a "Secret Weapon". What is that you ask? Did you happen to notice that there was a Phone Number at the top of this website? That is the Owners direct line and he has closed over $700,000 in sales and counting in his short home business career! And he will close YOUR sales and you will receive $100 Money Orders right to your front door! And the best part... You NEVER have to speak to anyone!

Here's What You Receive As A Pro Member: All members receive their own $100 Dollar Club Website With Tracking ID# (To Assure YOU Get Paid), Free Hosting For Life, And An Online Video Marketing Course Valued At $497! And Don't Forget...The Owner Closes ALL Of Your Sales! You NEVER Speak To Anyone!

There are NO monthly fees! NO yearly dues! None of that baloney here! Just pure profit in your pockets! The $100 Dollar Club Could Be Your Own Personal ATM Machine Cranking Out $100 Dollar Money Orders Directly To Your Mailbox On A Daily Basis! What Would You Do With ALL That Money?

IMPORTANT NOTES: Some prospects have called and asked me if they can close their own sales. The reason I close your sales is because there are some marketers out there that cut prices, inflate earnings, and are untruthful to get more sales. This creates an unfair advantage to those members who are promoting honestly.

The $100 Dollar Club operates on a completely level playing field for ALL of our members! When you see an envelope from me you will know you are having a $100 payday! Go out and treat yourself to a nice dinner! Or, do something kind for a complete stranger!

Earnings Disclaimer: Unlike most home business programs we DO NOT hide the policies we operate under or make the font so tiny people need a Microscope to read them. We do not guarantee sales or imply that you will make money. However, with consistent and simple marketing techniques we feel you could do quite well!

Refund Policy: We have a strict "NO REFUND" policy! If the cost of The $100 Dollar Club will cause you any financial hardship please do not join! Come back when you are ready financially. We wish you ALL the best!

Ready To Join? Getting Started Is Easy & Affordable! The $100 Dollar Club Is Only $139 For A Lifetime Membership! Click On The "Register For Free" Button Below And Create Your Account! You Will Be Given Payment Instructions In The "Members Area"! Thank You For Joining The $100 Dollar Club! We Wish You Much Success!

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